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No New Posts Game information

This is where you read the rules, the story, allowed species etc. Basically, this is where you start

Moderator: Mara Jade

15 66 Setting for the Opening of Shadow Pages 2013
by Mara Jade
Feb 8, 2013 21:46:06 GMT 1
No New Posts Background Stories

This is the place you put up your characters, after they've been approved. You may not put up a character before it's been approved. This means that in order to get a character approved, you need to send it to either Mara Jade or Anakin Skywalker in a PM

Sub-boards: Plot Characters, Characters that made it to 2013, NPC backgrounds, Inactive Characters

63 76 Mijana Jeta, Holonet News Reporter
by obehozuvohr
Jul 14, 2019 7:02:42 GMT 1
No New Posts OOC chit chat

Everything on this board is OOC. This is where you discuss various things not directly linked to the game.

10 642 General chit chat concerning the game
by Bagger
Nov 29, 2019 9:10:29 GMT 1

Board of creativity

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No New Posts Fan Fiction - 1 Viewing

Got any cool Fan Fictions? Post them here :)

52 98 Words of Wrath by Varuun Carro - dec 24th
by Mara Jade
Dec 24, 2011 12:15:26 GMT 1
No New Posts Fan Art

Drawings, banners, backgrounds, photoshops and stuff like that belong here

1 8 Dust's FA
by Mara Jade
Jul 11, 2011 16:26:45 GMT 1

The Core Planets

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No New Posts Coruscant

The Capital Planet. Coruscant has been the Capital Planet as long as people can remember. The senate and Jedi have their everyday life here, and it is the home to just about every kind of person in the galaxy

Sub-boards: The Upper levels, The Senate (Upper Level Place), The Jedi Temple (Upper Level Place), Lower Levels

160 6,204 Listen to the sound of silence
by Shep Azoras
May 16, 2013 18:22:14 GMT 1
No New Posts Chandrila

A peacefull planet that values nature. It has an relatively low population and people tend to live in small communities. The planet is ruled by the Chandrilan House, and is said to house the tomb of an unknown jedi master.

Sub-board: The Chandrilan House

2 52 Seeking information
by Mara Jade
May 22, 2010 22:41:31 GMT 1
No New Posts Rhinnal

Rhinnal was a planet famous for its well educated doctors, but also an important business center. Furthermore, Rhinnal was the home of one of the Jedi Chapter Houses that served as meeting places for the jedi.

Sub-board: The Jedi Chapter House

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No New Posts Abregado-rae

Abregado-rae is a fairly backward world and is often more easily compared to outer rim worlds, than inner rim worlds. On the surface Abregado-rae seems to be a safe place, but underneath the surface, smugglers thrive.

6 197 Moving a Wookiee...
by Silver
Jul 8, 2009 22:01:17 GMT 1
No New Posts Alderaan

Alderaan is a peaceful planet whose inhabitants believe in non violent solutions to conflicts. Alderaan is ruled by the House of Organa, and is the home of the Alderaan Royal Engineers, a shipwrights known to produce luxury crafts. Many artists descend from Alderaan

Sub-board: Royal House of Organa

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No New Posts Corellia

Corellia was a planet of thick forests and small villages, as most of the manufacturing centers have been lifted to the orbit. Corellians are known for the skills with spacecrafts - both when it comes to building and flying them, and piracy and smuggling are the occupation of a strong number of corellians.

8 424 And the search continues ((cont. from More food))
by Shep Azoras
Jan 1, 2011 17:29:15 GMT 1

The Inner Rim

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No New Posts Antar 4

Antar 4 is the home of yet another of the Jedi Chapter Houses, this one operated by the Antarian Rangers - a group of volunteer soldiers formed to assist the Jedi Knights

Sub-board: The Jedi Chapter House

1 1 Training Grounds
by Krehtsturm
Feb 17, 2013 1:58:47 GMT 1
No New Posts Kiffu

Kiffu is the larger sister of Kiffex. The twin planets sometimes pass close together, and when that happens, large electrical storms gather around Kiffu. The Kiffar harness the lightnings to gather electrical energy.

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No New Posts Kiffex

Kiffex is the smaller sister of Kifu, and contained prison colonies for the Republic. The prisons are being overseen by the Kiffu guards

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No New Posts Manaan

An Aquatic planet that is the sole provider of Kolto, a highly valued healing substance used before Bacta was discovered. There is only one surface city on Manaan, and the real "surface" of the planet can only be accessed in Submersibles. The native species live in deep caves below the surface.

Sub-boards: city of Ahto, Chu'unthor

28 1,471 go on a treasure hunt, we must
by Leyla Mir
Feb 12, 2013 8:21:33 GMT 1

The Mid Rim

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No New Posts Kashyyyk

Kashyyyk is the homeworld of the Wookiees. Most of the planet is covered in tall trees, and the Wookiees build their homes high above the ground.

Sub-board: Rwookrrorro

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No New Posts Nal Hutta

Nal Hutta is ruled by the Hutts, and is a smuggler's haven, but also a mining world. The mining operations have poluted the world and a greasy rain now drizzles the surface

Sub-board: Nar Shaddaa

17 658 You're high maintenance
by Anira
May 4, 2013 10:34:08 GMT 1

The Outer Rim

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No New Posts Jandoon

Jandoon has recently fallen victim to a band of Fallen Jedis, who seem to have taken over the government. So far, everyone who has tried to establish contact with the world has been unsuccesful

Sub-board: Fallen Jedi Headquaters

44 1,681 settled in
by Yuraya Linya
Apr 14, 2013 16:00:40 GMT 1
No New Posts Dantooine

Dantooine is an almost entirely undeveloped world, and its population consists mostly of hunters. However, Jedi have had a training enclave on the world, and it is rumoured that even after that was destroyed, they kept doing cloning research underneath the enclave ruins.

Sub-board: Jedi Enclave Ruins

4 206 heading "Home" ((Efter exploring))
by Koriana Letzt
Jul 4, 2010 20:54:37 GMT 1
No New Posts Tatooine

Now a desert world with the native inhabitants of Jawas and Tusken Raiders. Humans living on Tatooine are often moisture farmers or miners

Sub-board: Anchorhead

4 39 Wondering
by Ra'ya Mantol
Dec 14, 2009 17:38:51 GMT 1
No New Posts Gamorr

Mostly covered by lush jungles, Gamorr was a less than friendly planet, and tourism is highly discouraged. Some podracing takes place here.

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No New Posts Mon Calamari

Also known as Dac. The watery world it home to the Mon Calamarians and the Quarren.

6 612 Hurray, another mission?
by Koriana Letzt
Nov 11, 2009 18:19:42 GMT 1

Across the Galaxy

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No New Posts The Holonet

The Holonet deliver news and gossip to the whole galaxy 24/7. You turn on the holonet when you want the latest news from the war, when you want gossip on who's dating who and random talkshows about anything from Wookiee cookings to the role of the Jedi in the upcoming war.

9 9 A reporter gone missing
by Mara Jade
Jul 2, 2011 19:35:18 GMT 1
No New Posts Hyperspace

This board is for travelling. All threads taking place while travelling from one planet to another, should be placed here.

8 478 Forever flying...
by Zath Sinn
Jan 23, 2011 20:40:19 GMT 1


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